Friday, 13 June 2008

Ok, so maybe I set this blog up a bit too early....

I am being mega keen and started to set this up three months before we go....probably not much will be posted on here until September. However, maybe we could post some thrilling pictures of us attempting to pack up our ridiculous amount of stuff and empty the house before the tenants move it? I'm starting to panic a little about whether we'll be able to do this, as both Tim and I are so bad at chucking stuff out. But there comes a point when your stuff starts to own you and I think that point is getting near!
Anyway, our route looks something like this:
Leave England on Friday 5th September
Fly to Japan
Stay in Japan for three weeks or thereabouts, try not to spend too much money
Fly to Sydney
Stay in Australia until New Year
Earn some money in Australia (Tim teaching, I'm not totally sure - selling smoothies? translating? not sure how many openings there will be for a 'widening participation and recruitment' officer down under!)
Fly to New Zealand
Hire a camper van, drive through New Zealand (I will be driving..........apparently the roads are pretty clear though, no lorries or lanes so just be fine!)
Fly to Chile
Apparently Chile is pretty boring (sorry to any Chileans reading) so we'll head to Argentina.
Spend some time in Argentina, then head to Brazil
Hang around in Brazil with the beautiful people
Go to Bolivia
Go to Peru.
Do the Inca trail
Fly home
By which time it will be May 2009 and then, I'll go back to work in June
Phew. I'm exhausted already

Here is a list of things we have to do before we set off:
Sell loads of old clothes on ebay
Empty house of all stuff
Find places for all stuff to be stored (hello mum, dad, flo, michael, anyone with an ATTIC please raise your hand!!!)
Find tenants for house
Try and find the additional £5k we optimistically thought we'd manage to save
Organise a leaving party
Finish my MA and hand everything in by 31 August
Get jabs
Pack our rucksacks

I'm sure this list should be longer...

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