Thursday, 14 August 2008

22 days to go...

Just over three weeks before we fly to Tokyo.....about a million things to do!
We still haven't managed to rent out our house, which is getting quite frustrating now. We are reconciled to the fact that it will lie empty in September but we can't afford for it to lie empty for any longer than that! 9 months of travelling will quickly turn to about 3 if we don't find a tenant soon.
Apart from that, things are going ok and I only have 5 days left at work! Very exciting! But in the meantime have to write an essay, empty the house, finish my work, make a dress for my friend, go camping with Parkes and say goodbye to everyone!
We're going for drinks in Leeds on 29 August to say bye to people before we leave - email or text me if you're around and want to come and I'll let you know where we're going.
Oh yeah and it's our 4 year wedding anniversary today. 4 years! Blimey!
Tim has promised me we can go to 2 karaoke places in Japan (I think this is a compromise) which is very exciting. Would be happy to have any recommendations from anyone who has already been there and partaken - get in touch if you know of a 'great little place' (with Carly Simon on its books)!

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